Typhoon musings (Starting Week #3)

View from our balcony

As Nangka is approaching and it is a full down pour here in Handa, this seems like a great time to post an update. We are hoping to make our way to Kyoto tomorrow (Moto is not the least bit worried about the impending natural disaster, but hey she is from here!!) and meet up with Sandeep and Sophie for a week or so of traveling and fun. The typhoon has hit us with a slight delay, but we are still hoping to get out and about by tomorrow evening. But enough about the future…
New apartment gift box20150713_074608Moto and her new vac
Week two was all about moving into our new apartment and getting settled into our new neighborhood. We spent a lot of time running around, looking at furniture, and then waiting for it to get delivered. This is just the precursor to the delivery of our 93 boxes from SF, which will hit our doorstep at the beginning of August.

LDKTalking washer/dryerOfuro

For the most part, Itoko has taken the lead on what we are buying with me putting in some input. We were also able to borrow futons from the family and get a few items from a family friend. Itoko’s mom and Hitomi have also been a tremendous help taking us places and giving us options. Still trying to furnish an apartment (that doesn’t have a stove or a refrigerator) in Japan can be a challenge. Furniture is expensive and you have to make sure that you get the correctly sized items for your living space. It is not really customary to return items to the store, so once you buy them you have have to make it work. This is obviously not how it is done in the states, but since we are here, we are trying to go with the flow.

AC installationFrig shoppingExpensive ironsMaya sucked into the video game section

Overall, I think we accomplished our goal and did pretty well with the items we bought. We did some research and decided to go to Nitori, a Japanese store similar to Ikea, Joshin, which is like Target, and a local furniture place for beds. The only issue we came across with all our selections were the size of the bookshelves, but I ended up just cutting a centimeter off the bottom with a saw (picture coming!)…lol


2 thoughts on “Typhoon musings (Starting Week #3)

  1. Hey son…. thanks for the updates. I was hoping to hear about the continued adventures of the Richardson’s…. we have had downpours, but nothing like what you are going through, stay safe, live well and kisses and hugs all around. Miss you much. LOVE you more!!!!!


  2. I see Miss. Japan can find toys no matter what country she is in….lol Apartment will come together. Hey does that international phone work yet…. hint, hint, hint…..kisses, love and more..Mom


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