Losing a Day…

Fort by Maya

Once we got to Korea, we lost a day. This is always a weird thing for me because we usually leave in the morning and then get to Japan at night, so I don’t really feel like we missed a whole day. Korea (the airport that is) was nice and we spent most of the time just hanging out. Maya got a second burst of energy, so she was running around and setting up a pseudo fort for Chevon and Rose (her two dolls/children), while Itoko wandered around and I tried to figure out why my flip phone didn’t work. Itoko’s blackberry seemed to work fine, but my phone (well, my backup since I broke my real phone a week before we left) was done. This might be problematic when I need to switch over my American number, but I guess I will cross that mountain when I get to it. It did mean that getting a phone was priority, so I could communicate and kick off my job search.

We left Korea and arrived to Nagoya with no issues. Nagoya’s airport is actually not in Nagoya, which make it easy for pickup and getting to Handa. Handa is about 30 minutes or so outside of Nagoya, which is about the distance from Belmont to SF or Akron to Cleveland. Hitomi-san (sister) and Hina-chan (niece) picked us up, which proved to be a little more difficult due to my spouse visa, the amount of bags we had,  and the over abundance of foreigners coming in this particular day.

Getting into Japan at immigration always reminds me that I am a foreigner coming into a different country. I am not sure if it is intentional, but typically it take me triple the time it takes Itoko (and now Maya). There is always a longer line of people and if you have a visa, but are coming in for the first time, you have to wait with everyone else. If you are a returning visa holder, you get put in a different line and get through pretty quickly. I can wait for that.

After getting through immigration, we got our bags and connected with Hitomi-san and Hina-chan. Since we had so many bags, we had to call Shukei-san (brother) to bring the truck. When we got all the stuff loaded, we headed out, and made it back to the house. We were pretty tired, so we unloaded a few things, but left most of it for the next day. It was great to be back, but weird because it was not for a month or two. We are here to stay.

Maya minnie bag

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