Bunk beds and City Hall

Playing in the rain

After a rough night of sleep (we woke up at about 4am), we hung out a bit, went to morning temple (the temple is connected to the house because our brother is a monk), and then ate. Japanese breakfast is always good and savory, so I always look forward to the first breakfast back in Japan. Living in the Bay, we ate a lot of Japanese food, but there is something different about eating Japanese food in Japan. It tastes better. I have yet to put my finger on it, but since I live here now, I hopefully will find the secret. 🙂

Today we had to start running some errands and go about the business of getting things you need when you live somewhere. Itoko’s mom (and the internet) has been a huge help with securing an apartment, so we just needed to make a list of things to furnish it, getting bikes, and getting our phones. Since there is a phone shop not too far from the temple, we decided that would be at the top of our agenda. We did however need to register with the city, so we headed out to city hall first.

I should have taken a picture, but Handa’s City Hall is one of the cleanest places I have ever seen. There was one weird thing about it though. It had no garbage cans!! I looked everywhere. In the bathroom, in the corners, behind the desk, everywhere! There were recycle bins, broken up by pet bottles (plastic) and cans, but no garbage cans. Interesting to say the least.

Registering with the city was easy and we decided that we should eat lunch and go get Maya’s bed (she requested a bunk bed) before heading home. You have to register with the city upon arrival, so that they know who is living where, you can get our healthcare (worked out to about $40 a month for Moto and I; Maya’s healthcare is free), and any other services you need like school, pension, etc. Like I said, it was pretty simple (also Moto handled the process since it was all in Japanese) and headed out to lunch. Maya was wore out from the flight and the running around, so we found a place close. It was awesome (I could just blog about all the awesome food here if I wanted to) and then we went to get the bunk bed.

Our bunk bed adventure was pretty standard, and somehow we ended up getting Maya’s bunk bed and our bed at the same time. Maya was really keen on getting a bunk bed, I think mainly because her big cousin, Yuna, has one and because she wants visitors. The one we picked out was nice and it can separate, so it’s practical. Our bed on the other hand ended up being 2 single beds that you combine to make a queen. A typical Japanese thing if you want a bigger bed from what I gathered and saw in the store.  The sales person was really nice and he did a good job of showing up around and explaining things slowly, so I got the jist of what was going on. My Japanese is pretty vocabulary focused (working on it!), so I can understand bits and pieces. Usually when we are out, this works great, but when I am trying to have a conversation I probably sound like a 2 year old…smh

4 thoughts on “Bunk beds and City Hall

  1. What a great way to keep up with the Richardson’s. Adjusting will be a little slow….. nut what an adventure of a life time son. I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WOULD BE THERE. I’m glad dreams do come true. See my baby the new Miss. JAPAN and my daughter. Until the next post MomWeezy


  2. And the adventures continue! There is definitely something about eating food in its place of origin that doesn’t compare to eating it elsewhere. It’s as if it’s flavored differently because of the air and energy. Glad y’all are settling in and doing well. Looking forward to more updates. Also, what is the deal with the lack of garbage cans? Everything recyclable?

    Peace and love fam.


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